Our Technology

Transparency Programming Language

Our programming language, Transparency, is a dataflow programming language used to directly and legibly express a software circuit. The language features concurrent, real-time semantics, and a strong type system that allows one to work on virtually any kind of data with airtight type- and thread-safety.

Transparency is a native language to communicate between the idea of data flow graph and all the nodes that talk to each other with all the wires connecting in the software. The default state of the langauge also runs on multiple cores where every operation in the langauge is checked which ultimately provides you a crash-free environment.

Transparency Compiler

Data flow execution model: Execution flow follows data dependencies, highly suitable for real-time application.

Compiled into native machine code: Run directly on CPU as oppose to VM resulting faster execution time.

Thread-safe by design:

Seamless integration with C: Integrate with open-source projects for package extension.

Portable across CPU and OS platforms: CPU: Intel x86 and ARM64 | OS: Linux, Windows, MacOS.