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AIR Technology is real-time computing technology, software, and platform, focusing on real-time processing and live data in cloud. We provide you high performance computing of multiple cores CPU, GPU, and other hardware accelerating for
COREOGRAPH, Our High Performance LOW CODE Software Development.


A Low Code platform for cloud-based software development. We provide drag-and-drop simplicity with high performance results for vastly accelerated development.

With the vast array of AWS services at your fingertips in the form of drag-and-drop nodes, you can build a complete software architecture for your application on AWS Servers (EC2) or Serverless (Lambda, Fargate), or a combination of the two.

Coreograph makes it simple to integrate with existing cloud services of all kinds. We gives you a sophisticated, limitless, and complex backend architecture.

Discover the true potential of low-code development.

Salvaging Allocator

A patented real-time storage allocator that is free from internal fragmentation and delivers high alignment.

Patented - US Patent 10,606,741

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